Each spring, Gannon University’s Greek community bands together to participate in a weeklong celebration called Greek Week. The sororities and fraternities work together to determine which team is supreme by participating in a series of activities. This year, Gannon University’s Panhellenic and Inter-fraternity Council’s Greek Week theme was “America.” Greek Week spanned from April 6 through April 13.

Greek Week commenced with a volleyball game held in the Recreation and Wellness Center. The victors of the game were the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the brothers of Delta Chi fraternity.

The following day, a dodgeball tournament took place, as well as Take Back the Night. Take Back the Night, although not an official Greek Week event, was a great way to spread unity and fellowship throughout the Gannon community.

On Tuesday, the relationships between sisters and brothers were tested when pairs competed in a newlyweds-type of game. In this game, duos were drilled on how well they actually knew their fellow sisters or brothers. Wednesday’s activities consisted of bowling at Eastway Lanes.

The Greek God and Goddess pageant took place on Thursday. This competition acts as a sort of talent show for the Greek community. One representative from each organization showcases a talent or skill. The male and female with the most impressive score wins the pageant and is crowned Greek God or Goddess. The Lip Sync contest also took place on Thursday. In this event, a small group of performers from each sorority and fraternity concoct a dance to perform while lip syncing a song. The group with the most creative dance wins.

Greek Week ended with the most anticipated event: the Greek Dance. “My favorite part of the week is the Greek dance. I have a blast preparing for it all week and performing it,” said sophomore Alpha Sigma Alpha sister Julie Duncan.

In the Greek Dance, a sorority and fraternity are paired up together and have to perform in front of their peers. They must choreograph a dance, wear costumes and rehearse a few days prior to the dance. The dance is the entertaining conclusion to a busy week for the Greek community.

Without sounding like a cliché greeting card, Greek Week isn’t about the winners or losers. It’s about promoting Greek unity on campus and meeting new people. “My favorite thing about Greek Week is probably the whole Greek unity thing in general; to see members out and about in their element with their brothers or sisters. There are lots of opportunities to meet more of the members in each, when everyone wears their letters throughout the week,” said sophomore Sigma Sigma Sigma sister Lis Seibel.

There’s a reason why so many people look forward to Greek Week: it’s a fun, bonding experience and a way to interact with other Greek members. It’s a great way to get involved on campus and represent your organization.