What does it mean to be a Greek? To many, the term “Greek life” seems to be a synonym for wild antics, but that’s far from what it’s all about. Being Greek an opportunity to do some good and gather similarly minded people under a single name. Gannon hosts one such organization: a lesser known sorority known as Gamma Sigma Sigma. The sole purpose of Gamma Sigma Sigma is providing community service.

Gamma Sigma Sigma was founded on October 12, 1952, with its purpose being “to assemble university students in the spirit of service and humanity, and to develop friendships among students of all races and creeds.”

The members of Gannon’s Eta Pi chapter do just that. Although only being a presence on campus since 2011, its members have performed countless hours of service in the greater Erie area. As members of the organization, each participant is required to clock in 25 hours of community service. Other organizations may find this tedious, but not Gamma Sigma Sigma. Twnety-five hours is the minimum, but all, if not most, go significantly over this requirement.

Members have volunteered at Erie’s food bank, the Erie VA Medical Center and other places around town. The chapter’s 26 members work together to ensure that every hour of service is done well. Membership is non-selective, meaning that anyone interested can join.

Relatively new by chapter standards, Gannon’s Gamma Sigma Sigma members are still trying to find their place on campus. At a university dominated by social Greeks, it can be easy to overlook those giving back. Still, the members of Gamma Sigma Sigma truly understand what it means to be Greek.