Unity in service

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What does it mean to be a Greek? To many, the term “Greek life” seems to be a synonym for wild antics, but that’s far from what it’s all about. Being Greek an opportunity to do some good and gather similarly minded people under a single name. Gannon hosts one such organization: a lesser known […]

RUNDOWN: Women’s Elite Eight, Anchorman 2, and International Night

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Monday March 24th: Gamma Sigma Sigma will be having a health table in Waldron today from 11am-1pm. Tuesday March 25th: The NCAA Division II Women’s Elite Eight starts today. You can listen live over the on 90.5 WERG or on the global stream at wergfm.com. Wednesday March 26th: Housing meetings will take place in the […]

A big time to recruit a little

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When you make the decision to join a Greek organization on campus, you never have to do anything on your own. In the beginning period before your formal initiation, you have a whole group of other new members to experience everything with. Those people will quickly become some of your best friends, through your shared […]

Like Little, like Big

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A tradition exists in many on-campus Greek organizations. After you’ve accepted your bid and begun the new-member process, you start to hear talk of this elusive personality – your “big.” You see other members with their bigs and you start to wish to have one of those relationships for yourself. A big is someone who […]

I volunteer as tribute!

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…Not for the Hunger Games. Volunteering and giving to the community are huge parts of life on Gannon’s campus. The year starts off with GIVE Day, Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere. With representatives from nearly every on campus organization, students work all over the city, doing any sort of work from painting to picking up […]

Being busy is a welcome change

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I’ve only been back on campus for two weeks and I’m already as busy as I could possibly be. I’m taking a pretty full class schedule this semester, plus my responsibilities to Alpha Psi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma, plus being involved in the first Schuster Theatre production of the season, “Lives of the Saints.” […]

Fall Break, Homecoming and Greek Theatre(?)

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It’s hard to believe that it’s October! You can definitely tell that it’s fall, but it’s still nice enough to walk around between classes. As it is now the middle of the semester, most of my classes are getting ready for midterm exams. While I’m not too worried about any particular exam, I know that […]

10 Ways to Give Back While at GU

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As part of our Catholic identity and Gannon’s mission, all students are encouraged to spend some time each semester volunteering. There are even some classes that require a certain number of volunteer hours for a grade. Here are 10 easy ways to help others in your spare time.