…Not for the Hunger Games.

Volunteering and giving to the community are huge parts of life on Gannon’s campus. The year starts off with GIVE Day, Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere. With representatives from nearly every on campus organization, students work all over the city, doing any sort of work from painting to picking up litter in parks.

Many clubs on campus have their own service hour requirements. Volunteering with your friends is a unique bonding experience. The Gannon Greek community completes thousands of hours every semester. There are even entire organizations focused on community service, like Habitat for Humanity and Gamma Sigma Sigma.

Some classes have service-learning requirements. For instance, for a communications course, you might have to do a few hours of service at the local public radio and TV station. For many health science majors, hours are spent working in your discipline.

Outside of these requirements, many students choose to do service on their own. There are a lot of opportunities in the Erie area to help those in need. You could volunteer at a food bank, tutor kids or basically any job you can think of.

Giving back to the community gives you a better grasp on your own blessings while providing something that was missing from someone else’s life. Even an hour or two of service can make a huge change in someone’s life – and your own.