GIVE (365) Day(s)

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Doesn’t matter if it’s the scheduled day in the Fall Semester or pop-up days and events year round, Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere (GIVE Day)’s spirit remains the same. This week, Gannon’s physical therapy doctorate (DPT) students in Ruskin, Florida shared GIVE events on their Instagram page. Give Day Part 1: First year Gannon University […]

GIVE Day 2014

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Once again, Gannon students have happily donated a portion of their weekend to the greater good. This year, GIVE day saw 58 of the university’s clubs and organizations volunteering at 51 sites, from the Erie VA Medical Center to Gridley Park to Gannon’s own Goodwill Garden. GIVE Day coincided with the “International Coastal Cleanup Day,” and as […]

Gannon gives back

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Every year, Gannon encourages students to give back to the Erie community and make a few memories along the way. This day, known as GIVE Day, has become a tradition; it simply wouldn’t be fall if students didn’t wear matching shirts and do some good. The idea behind GIVE Day is to help as many […]

RUNDOWN: Burrito bowls and apple dumplings

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Monday, Sept. 15: Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.) will hold a meet and greet event on the second floor of Waldron in the game room. The event begins at 6 p.m. and is open to all students who are interested in programs such as Take Back the Knight and Day of Action. Tuesday, Sept. 16: […]

GU students giving more and more every year

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The online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary offers 16 definitions for the verb “give.” Most of which involve the everyday usage of the word’s meaning “to make a present of” or “to offer to the action of another.” Here at Gannon, “give” has another definition—“Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere.” Sponsored by Gannon University’s Center for […]

Gannon University alumni to volunteer for GIVE Day event in 11 cities

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Gannon University students, staff and alumni will participate in community service projects on Saturday, Sept. 21, in the following cities as part of the University’s annual Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere (GIVE) Day: Erie, Pa.; Atlanta, Ga.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Chicago, Ill.; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Harrisburg, Pa.; Newark, N.J.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Rochester, N.Y.; and Washington, […]

I volunteer as tribute!

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…Not for the Hunger Games. Volunteering and giving to the community are huge parts of life on Gannon’s campus. The year starts off with GIVE Day, Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere. With representatives from nearly every on campus organization, students work all over the city, doing any sort of work from painting to picking up […]

PA majors show unity and generosity in GUSPAS

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Gannon has many clubs just for certain majors, such as the Gannon University Society of Physician Assistant Students – GUSPAS for short. GUSPAS creates unity within the physician assistant major and career, often through service projects.  Members volunteer together on GIVE Day, participate in the Christmas Angel Program and form a team for Relay for […]

My life is more interesting in pictures

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Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to describe certain experiences. In her newly redesigned blog, assistant multimedia editor Allison Kessler offers you an inside look at life on campus.  

5 things we saw on GIVE Day

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More than a thousand students participated in the 15th annual GIVE Day on Sept. 15. Here are 5 things the Edge editorial board saw on GIVE Day.