A tradition exists in many on-campus Greek organizations. After you’ve accepted your bid and begun the new-member process, you start to hear talk of this elusive personality – your “big.” You see other members with their bigs and you start to wish to have one of those relationships for yourself.

A big is someone who becomes a personal mentor for you within the group. You choose each other so that everyone is matched with someone they already like and trust. They give you advice about life in the group and in general. As the newest part of their family tree, your big wants only the best for you, the “little.”

When I joined Alpha Psi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma, being matched with my bigs were the best moments of the whole new-member process. I was so excited to meet both of the women I now call “Big” and we have a very close bond.

Last semester, the opportunity came for me to take a little of my own in Alpha Psi Omega. Weird. Sometimes it still feels like I’m new to the group, even though I joined during spring of my freshman year. I was so excited to have the opportunity to mentor someone like my big did for me. I was matched with a little who I think is a fantastic person and I consider myself very lucky to have her in my tree.

Last weekend, the initiation ceremony for Gamma Sigma Sigma took place and I got to take a little. After I found out who she was, I enjoyed volunteering with her – and all the other new members – and watching her grow into a full member of the group. (I also enjoyed my fair share of gentle teasing with reminders that I knew who her big was and she didn’t.)

This whole process of becoming someone’s big really reminded me how little time I have left here at Gannon. I’m going to be a senior in a few months. I’m no longer new to anything on campus. I’m an active member of both organizations, to the point where I can feel comfortable mentoring someone else.

I’m looking forward to a great senior year and lots of time spent with my lovely littles!

Talk to you soon,