My purpose is to show all of the positive aspects of the sororities and fraternities here on Gannon’s campus. With so many lovely men and women, there are a lot of people to talk about.

This week we meet Kennedy Walters, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha since January of 2017. Kennedy is a double major in psychology and criminal justice and plans on graduating in May of 2020.

Since joining Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kennedy has become the Vice President of Programming for the Panhellenic Council at Gannon University. The National Panhellenic Council’s purpose is to promote unity and cooperation among all Greeks, as well as overseeing recruitment events.

When asked about how she has grown due to her involvement with Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kennedy said, “My chapter has not only allowed me to grow as a person, but as leader drastically. I have been given constant opportunities that require me to step up and become the leader that I have become. Some opportunities include the leadership positions that I have been elected into have tested me while also forcing me to grow every day. Numerous of these opportunities will help me in my career path and put me above various applicant in the professional world. Professional development has also been a huge impact that Alpha Sigma Alpha and sorority and fraternity life has given me. Looking back at myself from before I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha, I am a completely different person. I am more confident and a stronger leader.”

Kennedy was open to talking about tough times that she faced in her time at Gannon University that her sisters help her through. She said, “Coming to Gannon, I had the set idea that I would be apart of the Gannon Lacrosse team for all four years of my undergrad. I would have never expected that during my sophomore year, I would make the decision to terminate my athletic career. Lacrosse was 90% of my life coming into college, halfway through my freshman year, all that changed after I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha. I realized that lacrosse was no longer the path that I needed to take. I decided to quit the sport I loved in the fall semester of my sophomore year. I look back now and realize the people that stood by me through this difficult time are the people I called my sisters everyday. Throughout my life, I have never met a more supportive group of girls, this is something that the Zeta Gamma chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha prides ourselves on everyday.”

She also opened up about what her chapter as a whole does to better the community be saying, ” Alpha Sigma Alpha emphasizes our service and giving back to the community each year. During the fall semester, all the Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters around the United States participate in a week of giving called D.O.T. days, which stands for Dedicating Our Time. Each year, Gannon’s Zeta Gamma chapter participates a little differently with the activities we do, including making bows for Girls on the Run, or Cards for St. Junes Hospital, but every year we do our annual trampolinathon with the Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter on campus. This includes a minimum of two people jumping on a trampoline at a time in A.J.’s Way for 48 hours. As students pass to go to class or professors going to meetings, we collect donations. This past October, we collected $519.79 split between Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon, half went to S. Junes Smith Center and half went to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Thank you for your time, Kennedy, and for opening up about all Alpha Sigma Alpha has to offer. Be sure to check back in two weeks, on Friday, November 16th, for another Greek Spotlight Series article!