NWPA Innovation Beehive Network Supports Local Business

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Just one year after starting their business venture together, Nancy and Jason Morris have transformed an idea into a patented product sold by the company they’ve established together–Two Sparrows Learning Systems. Nancy, an instructor in Gannon University’s School of Education, and husband Jason, engineering manager at Greenleaf Corporation, have been driven by entrepreneurial spirit to […]

Nursing Students Provide Health Program at St. Benedict Education Center

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Students and faculty in Gannon University’s undergraduate and graduate nursing programs are providing interactive, health-related programs to preschool children at the St. Benedict Education Center through the support of the Dr. Andrea R. Lindell ’70VMC Villa Maria School of Nursing Social Change Impact Endowed Fund. The students and faculty are providing the programming throughout the […]

Are Online Classes Right for You?

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Are online classes right for you? Meet Bridget, Gannon University’s Online Student Engagement Coordinator. She can help you decide if Distance Education is a good fit for your life. Learn more about Distance Education at Gannon, and visit them on Facebook here.

Dr. Gerald Clark: SWAT Certified, Former FBI, Gannon Professor

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Gannon is full of interesting and unique people who teach and prepare students to enter the world of the profession they dream of being part of.  One of these people at GU is Dr. Gerald Clark, Assistant Professor of the Criminal Justice program. Dr. Clark has a lot of experience in the field of criminal justice from […]

Pre-Praxis Advice from a Middle Level Ed Major

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One thing about being a Middle Level Education major is that I have to take many Praxis certification tests. Now, as a Middle Level Education major with a language arts concentration, I have to take a pedagogy test, an English and social studies test, and a math and science test. I also have to take […]

To Honors or Not to Honors?

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I am going to be honest with you… When I first thought of applying for the Honors Program I was hesitant. I was already overly involved and overly committed in high school. The thought of easing my academic work load was very tempting. I kept on telling myself that I deserved a break. But when […]

Meeting the Assistant Director of Career Education and Outreach

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Being a senior in college is terrifying for a number of reasons. The days of being a student where professors will help you through the difficult tasks of college will soon be over. You will have to learn to fend for yourself. You must compete against people from all over the world when applying for […]

The Education Resource Room

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One thing I really like about being an education major here at Gannon is that you have the opportunity to begin fieldwork as early as your freshman year. In fact, Gannon requires me to have more field work hours than the Pennsylvania Department of Education does so I am more prepared for student teaching and […]

Battle of the Books

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What does the phrase “battle of the books” mean to you? If you envisioned something resembling a snowball fight, but with literature as a substitute projectile, you may be disappointed. It is actually more like a quiz bowl for local middle and high school students. On March 3rd, Gannon will be hosting the Battle of […]