Students and faculty in Gannon University’s undergraduate and graduate nursing programs are providing interactive, health-related programs to preschool children at the St. Benedict Education Center through the support of the Dr. Andrea R. Lindell ’70VMC Villa Maria School of Nursing Social Change Impact Endowed Fund.

The students and faculty are providing the programming throughout the spring semester at the Center, which enrolls over 80 preschool-aged children of migrant and immigrant families. The programming includes a range of essential health and hygiene educational lessons focused on covering coughs and sneezes, proper hand washing, dental care, nutrition, exercise and reading.

Gannon nursing students worked together with guidance from faculty to develop each of these interactive components taught to the St. Benedict students. Undergraduate nursing students are participating in the program as part of their pediatric rotation, while nurse practitioners in the graduate program are volunteering to participate in addition to their required clinical rotation hours.

“This endowed fund has afforded the opportunity to enhance the children’s health education, donate books for the children to read on key topics, and provide a positive environment by celebrating their learning,” said Patricia McMahon, assistant professor of Gannon’s Villa Maria School of Nursing. “It’s amazing to see the positive impact of these short interventions. It is rewarding for both the students of St. Benedict and Gannon.”