This advising day… students interested in free food, friendly competition – and calculus – have an event to look forward to this year on March 21, the Integration Bee.

The integration bee is similar to a spelling be, but as opposed to spelling words, competitors will solve problems from integral calculus. For this reason, it is recommended that participants have completed Calculus 2 in order to be able to solve these problems.

“Students like participating in teams, they like getting free pizza and prizes, they like coming up with creative math-themed team names, and they like earning a little extra credit in their Calculus 2 classes,” said associate professor of Gannon’s math department David Prier. “We always have a few upperclassmen from the Math Club to help us which is fun. We also have most of our faculty join the fun as judges. We have never had cheerleaders, but… they’d be welcome to attend.”

Competitors form teams of up to three people, with top teams winning prizes. In addition, the most creative (family friendly) team name will win a prize as well. Regardless of team rank, all participants get free pizza.

This event is sponsored by the Mathematics Department and will be held on Advising Day, March 21 in Zurn 101 at 3pm.