As Thanksgiving break is quickly approaching, I would like to take a moment and mention what I am most thankful for.

I am thankful for all the exams I have had, not only this week, but all of next week as well. I am thankful for my family for going on vacation without me. Lastly, I am so very thankful for Erie weather and all its contradictions when it comes to this fall season.

This may seem like sarcasm, but I am genuinely thankful for all of these things. If all of my exams are before Thanksgiving break, then I do not have to stress over the break about studying. The Erie weather is just weird, which I knew when I first decided to attend Gannon, so I cannot really complain.

I will mention that it has been nice not lugging around a huge winter coat these past few weeks, but I am super exited for snow, so that is where my dilemma is. These past few weeks have been brutal, but to be able to eat lots of food with my roommate (who is also staying on campus for break) and to binge watch Netflix will be absolutely magical.

Speaking of magical, as I was getting my braces tightened this past week, my orthodontist (as he has both of his hands in my mouth along with a plethora of different tools) proceeds to ask me if I have ever watched Stranger Things. I immediately try to nod since I couldn’t really talk at that specific moment. After he saw my nod, he removed all instruments and we had an hour-long conversation about the widely renowned and popular Netflix original series.

It was amazing to spend all that time discussing the show and the characters (his favorite character is Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder). I would highly recommend watching the show. It is a must see and you honestly fall in love with all of the characters. If any of you were looking for another binge worthy show that you can obsess over (at least until they release season two), Stranger Things is definitely for you!