During Thanksgiving, Christmas and now just ahead… Easter, I have noticed a shift in the way my family engages me. Could this change of attention have anything to do with being 20? Here, I have compiled a list of six signs from your family that you are an adult:

  1. Your grandmother keeps knitting baby hats.

The attention that used to be given to all of your older cousins is now also directed at you. Yes, that growing pile of baby hats contains a few that are meant for you. But wait! We are but mere children. I always said age 25 was when I would get married and settle down. That’s when it occurred to me that I am 20 and 25 is only 5 years away. Watch out for those baby hats, kids; it’s a sign you’re an adult.

  1. You are invited to participate in wine tours/alcoholic events.

For my family, openly sharing alcohol with you is an indication that you are an adult. You are 21 and also “responsible” enough to understand the effects of alcohol. Notice that responsible is in air quotes. Being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you are instantly responsible.

  1. Your mom/dad starts pointing out potential matches.

The same parents that forbid you from dating are now not only allowing you to date but also actively encouraging it. It’s definitely an adjustment to get used to having your mom point out potential cute suitors and stalk your Facebook friends. Observe your family: the transition from forbidden-dating to encouraged-dating is the minute you transition from being a teen to an adult.

  1. Conversations are no longer filtered.

The days of being yelled at for saying certain words are over. At least for my family, the moment that everyone feels comfortable to swear around you is the moment you should be handed a certificate announcing your entrance to adulthood.

  1. You no longer have a curfew.

Being away at school sort of makes this an automatic thing seeing as your parents can’t control your curfew there. When you are at home and your parents stop caring if/when you are coming home, you have a pretty good indicator that you are an adult – well, either that or they’ve just stopped trying.

  1. Gifts, in general, are less exciting.

This is the saddest one. The overall dimness of the holidays is a real sign of adulthood. The absence of a perfectly crafted Easter basket sucks, but it’s sort of a transition period. One day, you will have your own children or nephews and nieces to spoil with grand baskets, candy of all shapes and sizes and lots of chocolate. Being an adult means carrying on these traditions for future generations.

original content published April 2017