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Get to Know Gannon at Preview GU (Complete Schedule)

Gannon’s newest batch of freshmen are arriving on campus as we speak. Here’s what members of the Class of 2015 will be doing between now and the first day of classes. Saturday, August 20, 2011 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Prep U for GU: Gannon (K)night Life

If you plan to spend weekends on campus, there are many activities to keep you entertained.  Between the Activities Programming Board, sporting events and KnightLIFE, there are numerous events available every weekend for you to have fun. Activities Programming Board

Prep U for GU: Gannon Glossary

Starting your college career is an exciting time — for many, it means living in a new place (or at least commuting to one), meeting new people and starting a whole new way of life. While this can be exciting,

Prep U for GU: Commuting to College

Although many college students take the giant leap away from home to pursue their education, a lot of us also prefer to stay close to home. Gannon is just 20 miles away from my house. There are some obvious benefits

Prep U for GU: The Truth About College Classes

“Just wait until college!” “Professors won’t care if you show up or if you do your homework.” “You’ll spend all your nights staying up doing homework.” “You’re not ready for the real world yet.” These words, or ones very similar,

Click Thru GU: Hammermill Center

Also known as The Mill, Hammermill Center is the University’s gymnasium that can hold screaming crowds of up to 3,000 people. Stop by to see the Gannon Knight basketball teams, watch Greek Week activities or participate in Meet the Merchants Day.

Click Thru GU: Zurn Science Center

If your major relates to science or engineering at all, you will become quite familiar with the Zurn Science Center. The Dean of the College of Engineering and Business has an office here. Zurn is home to the International Student

Click Thru GU: Walker Building

Communications-inclined students (whether they’re comm majors or not), tend to find a second home in the first level of the Walker Building. Here, you’ll find the office for our on-campus newspaper, The Gannon Knight, as well as the 90.5 WERG

Prep U for GU: Tools to Succeed

When you’re in college, you’ll be assigned all kinds of assignments. Expect papers, projects and research, and not just from classes. Extracurricular and honors activities will send things your way, too. But don’t worry, Gannon is here to help with

Click Thru GU: Student Services

The Student Services Building houses offices that excel in resolving student issues. Whether you’re looking for help adjusting to college at the Office of New Student Services, or seeking roommate mediation in the Office of Student Living, the staff here