If you plan to spend weekends on campus, there are many activities to keep you entertained.  Between the Activities Programming Board, sporting events and KnightLIFE, there are numerous events available every weekend for you to have fun.

Activities Programming Board (APB) is one of the organizations on campus responsible for bringing many events to campus. There are two major things that APB does. First, APB is constantly bringing in different people, whether they are motivational speakers, comedians, or magicians. Within the past few years, a just a few of these people were Dennis Haskins, more commonly known as Mr. Belding from “Saved by the Bell” and Chad Crittenden from “Survivor.”

APB is also in charge of bringing movies to campus. APB hosts movies that are out of the movie theatres, but are not yet available to purchase. Within the past few months, they have brought many fantastic movies including “Toy Story 3,” “Despicable Me” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”. Many students take advantage of the free or inexpensive tickets and free snacks and go see as many movies as they can.

Another popular activity on any college campus is the sporting events. Sports teams play throughout the entire school year. No matter the sport, going to the games or matches and seeing classmates play is always a fun time. It’s also a lot of fun sitting with other students and cheering the team on together.

KnightLIFE is the organization on campus that deals with responsibility in regards to alcohol and drugs.  The group hosts alcohol-free events throughout the school year for the students to come, grab a bite to eat, hang out with friends and win prizes. Some of their events are OcSOBERfest, a Holiday party and pre- and post-game parties for the sport teams, among others.  KnightLIFE’s biggest event of the year is Get Rec’d. This event is held around St. Patrick’s Day in the Carneval Athletic Pavilion and businesses all over Erie donate prizes and food to make this event possible for the students. In addition, KnightLIFE gives away over 400 T-shirts to the students who come to this fun event.

These are just a few examples of the many options available for students to participate in alcohol-free events. What makes it better for the students is that most of it is available at little or no charge. There are plenty of options for students to choose from when it comes to relaxing and having fun on the weekends.