Hey guys! This semester, I had the opportunity to connect with Dante Stefanelli, a junior accounting major! Dante is the current president of the Activities Planning Board (APB).

What is APB?

APB is that cool organization that is responsible for the plethora of fun programs that you see on campus. They are the organizers, planners and executors! If you are interested in fostering community through excellent programming opportunities, then APB is just right for you! In order to get some insight into this excellent organization I asked Dante for some things that you should know about APB and his personal experience at Gannon.

What is the main reason that you chose Gannon University?

I was recruited for the men’s cross country team here at Gannon.

What has made your Gannon Experience so special?

There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and it is so easy to make an impact on campus.

What would you tell freshman you looking to get involved?

Pick one thing that sounds interesting and just do that one thing for the whole year. Don’t try to over commit yourself to many things in the first semester.

What do you wish that freshman and other student’s new about your organization?

That students should always feel free to bring new idea of what they would like to see on campus to us!

What are some great accomplishments that your organization has had this year?

We have tried to become more consistent with our events with things such as “Saturday Knight Live” so that students can have an idea of when things are happening without having to see posters.

What does being in your organization look like?

A group of hardworking and motivated students who enjoy creating and executing events for campus.

What makes your organization special to you?

That we have a lot of freedom to make decisions and are able to use problem solving skills and creativity everyday.

How do you balance leadership and life?

I’m still working on this, but I’m loyal to my outlook calendar.

Would it be okay if I provide your email address for incoming students to contact you if they are interested?

Yes! stefanel002@knights.gannon.edu

We can’t wait to see what’s next for APB’s awesome events on campus! What would you like to see ABP bring to campus in the coming semesters?