I recently have been putting some of my time toward reading interesting articles on Pinterest and based on what I have read, I pulled together a list of habits that successful people practice. In my opinion, I think these are all healthy and productive habits to incorporate into your daily life. Giving some of these a go is definitely a way to gain a new perspective and overall feel and be more productive in your everyday life.



Morning Routine:

   The first habit is to cultivate a morning routine. Set yourself up for a productive day by filling your morning with activities that energize and inspire you. If you feel inspired and ready to go in the morning, you are more likely to get more done throughout the day. Whenever I have a day off I love taking my dog on walks, drinking lemon water or starting off with a nice smoothie bowl or listening to my morning playlist while I make myself breakfast.




   Most successful people have said in interviews that they partake in a mindfulness activity daily. This could be anywhere from meditation to journaling. I really enjoy doing morning yoga because to me it is very relaxing and helps me to feel more focused and have a clear mind and feel less stressed.



Make Health A Priority:

   Making your healthy a priority is one of the most important things you can do. Be conscious of what you put into your body because food is fuel. You will feel better if you nourish your body with healthy food that is not processed and containing extra sugar. Recently I have tried a few different green smoothie recipes and at first I didn’t think that I was going to like it but the more I altered the recipe the more I grew to like it. I just add in some fruit, almond milk, a little bit of spinach, some chia seeds and also a scoop of protein powder because it eliminates the taste of the spinach, especially if you add in a protein powder that you like and for me that is vanilla.




   Going along with eating healthy, so many studies show that getting regular exercise can increase your happiness and productivity. This does not mean to hit the gym for hours everyday, but taking a jog around your neighborhood, going to a Yoga or Pilates class, and even doing your own simple at home workout.



Read And Learn:

   Successful people make time to read and learn consistently. Take 20- 30 minutes a day to read, this could be in the morning or before you go to bed. Books also give you the freedom to explore another world that you would have otherwise not known. They open our minds to so many new things. As for learning new things, the internet provides us with so much information to learn what ever we want to. You can look up different articles that interest you or take an online class, such as a writing class, a language class to expand your lingo or even an online cooking class. Just about anything you can think of, there is some type of an online class for anything you want to learn.




   The most successful people are said to be disciplined and they stay focused on their goals. When you are going to do something or working on a task, eliminate distractions, turn your phone on airplane mode and set a timer for an hour or so that way you can souley focus on what it is you’re doing.



Be Consistent:

   Another habit to take up is being consistent, so try setting a thirty day challenge for yourself. In order to start new habits you need to stick to them for thirty consecutive days. Every month set out a new thirty day challenge for yourself so that you can incorporate more healthy habits into your life.




   Successful people often practice gratitude so try to make gratitude a daily task. Every morning when you wake up or every night before you go to bed, make it habit to make a list of some things you are grateful for. Making time to appreciate what you already have in your life will allow for more positivity to come into your life.



Morning Juice:

   Another tip that goes along with eating healthy is making a morning juice. Taking a little bit of extra time to make yourself a morning smoothie or your favorite juice is a great way to get that extra dose of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is also a great way to start a healthy diet because you can see exactly what you are putting in your body because you are the one making it. Add in whatever your taste buds desire and mixing up the recipe is also a good idea and a good way to find different recipes you like.



Goal Oriented:

   One thing you will notice about successful people is that they are goal driven. Set goals for yourself and give yourself a deadline for achieving them. To make it easier, write out a list of everything you need to do in order to get that goal accomplished. That way you can take it task by task and it does not seem so intimidating as if you tried tackling it all at once.





Those are all of the habits of successful people that I have found interesting and useful to incorporate into everyday life. I really recommend trying some, if not all of these out and watch how much you can grow as a person and become more successful in your life.