Hey Everyone!


With midterms coming up, I wanted to remind everyone that your midterm grades do not define you as a person. There are so many things that you can do as a person that require zero talent. Here are some of them:

  1. Being on Time
    • Being on time is very important. It shows that you care about where you are going and that you are a reliable person.
  2. Work Ethic
    • Having good work ethic is key to being successful in your chosen career. It shows that you are motivated and focused on your task.
  3. Effort
    • If you put in the effort and try your best, you are already on a good path. Just know that it is okay to make mistakes and to always do the best you can!
  4. Body Language
    • Body language is how many people read people. For example, you look more welcoming if you smile then when you are frowning. Think: positive body language
  5. Energy
    • Mindset-good energy=good mindset
    • Having positive energy will bring a positive mindset. A positive mindset will help you achieve your goals. Also having an open mind will help you try new things and explore different opportunities.
  6. Attitude
    • This also goes along with energy-having a positive mindset will bring a positive attitude. If you are in a good mood, it will radiate to everyone around you, putting them in a good mood as well!
  7. Passion
    • Being passionate about what you are doing will make a huge difference in what you do. You can’t fake or buy passion. It is something that everyone has. You just have to figure out what you’re passionate about!
  8. Being Coachable
    • Being coachable is very beneficial. Being coachable shows what you can take some constructive criticism and are willing to try and be better in anything you do.
  9. Doing Extra
    • Going above and beyond in anything/everything you do will allow you to stand out to professors, potential bosses, your friends, etc. It shows that you are about what you are doing and are willing to go the extra mile.
  10. Being Prepared
    • Finally, being prepared is one of the best things that you could do for yourself. Whether it is being prepared for class or having every single thing you could possibly need for a day at the beach, you’ll be thankful that you were prepared. Being prepared will make your life 100% easier.
  11. Presence
    • Being present will help you “be in the moment”. Being in the moment will help you to focus on the moment right now, and not the test you have tomorrow. An example of this is not checking your phone when you’re hanging out with your friends.


Don’t forget that you are worth more than your grades. Good luck on your midterms Knights!!