If you are anything like me and constantly buy tons of different notebooks on the regular and all they do is sit on your dresser just waiting to be filled, you’ve come to the right place. I personally buy one too many notebooks, even when the one I am currently writing in is not even half way used. I write just about anything down in my notebooks whether it ranges from important notes for work, recipes I want to try, a list of some sort or even just random thoughts I need to have jotted down on a piece of paper. I have compiled a list of twelve different ideas that you can use to fill that empty notebook!




The first way you can fill your notebooks is by creating one notebook exclusively for lists. This can be lists of films you want to watch, books you want to read, places to travel and things on your life-long bucket list, and even your to-do and grocery lists. You can also make a list of new experiences you want to try, such as visiting a new cafe for coffee, going to a thrift store for the first time and basically anything you want to go out and try for yourself. This definitely keeps everything you want or need to do in one compact place.





Notes From Learning:

Another notebook idea is to fill one up with all of the notes you take whenever you learn something new. Specifically new schoolwork, researching something new that interests you. For me personally that would have to be researching different crime cases because I absolutely love learning all the history behind them and all the little details. This is really helpful because this can just be filled with tons of information and even addition loose pages and you can always go back at any time and use these notes as a reference.




Mood-board / Sketch-board:

One way you can fill a blank notebook would be by making it your own mood-board and sketchbook. You can easily fill this picture-boards of each of the different places you want to travel or even boards with a specific color theme that just simply looks appealing to you. If you love to doodle you can combine the two and make one beautiful notebook that has all of your fun aesthetics in one place.




Law Of Attraction:

One idea that I have personally researched and found very interesting is having a law of attraction notebook. Essentially writing down everything that you want out of life and writing specifically what you want to see come your way. I feel that this is a more concrete way of manifesting these things as opposed to just thinking them.





Another idea that I have is your good old fashioned journal. Having one specific notebook for writing down anything that happens throughout the day or anything that is going on in your life. That way you can have this to look back on and remember certain things, or when you just want a good laugh. I love writing down all of the happy and most memorable memories that I have and that way when I do go back and read them I can be filled with happiness once again because I am reliving that moment.




Writing Prompts:

The next idea is to fill a notebook with your responses with writing prompts. Whether you enjoy creative writing, answering thought-provoking questions or even answering questions regarding yourself. I find that creative writing prompts really help you get in that creative mindset.





Probably one of my favorite notebooks to fill is having one just for quotes that really resonate with you. These can be inspiring quotes, quotes that you really like, or even finding ideas for your next Instagram caption. I love reading quotes and could scroll through Pinterest for hours finding new ones. One thing I really enjoy about reading quotes is that it is basically your thoughts being put into words by other people.




Literature Journal:

For all of you book worms out there, another idea for a notebook would be having one to use as your literature notebook. I am not much of a big reader anymore and frankly I wish I still was because this idea is a very useful one and something I have done a lot in past English classes. You can annotate and take notes on different books you are reading. You can fill this with your opinions on the books, character breakdowns, symbolism, phrases or sentences you liked and how you felt about the book while reading.





Idea Book:

This next idea is to fill a notebook with ideas or things that pop into your head that you wish to expand upon later. Maybe things such as dreams you have had that you want to remember or ideas for short stories you want to write. Just like your sketch-book it is a fun idea to also put small pictures in this notebook to jog your memory for certain ideas. I suggest using a small enough notebook for this, that way it is easy to take with you on the go and while you are out and about.





Goals And Plans:

Another idea for a journal would be to write out all of your goals and all of the steps it will take you to achieve them. On each page you could write major goals you have and then underneath them you could write down each of the little steps it will take you to achieve that goal. That way you can map out what you want to do and see exactly how to get there.





Morning Pages:

This next idea is your standard stream of conscientiousness which is writing out all your thoughts. You can do this sometime in the evening or when you wake up just depending on your preference, and I like to do this occasionally in the morning which is why I like to call these “morning pages”. This helps to clear out your thoughts and see exactly where your head is at.





Gratitude Journal:

You can also fill up a notebook with your gratitude. This is something you can do every night before bed and just write down a few things you are grateful for whether they are large or small things. I have learned that it is very beneficial to be grateful and remembering that you have a lot more positivity in your life is a good way to keep yourself grounded and feeling appreciative.

Those are all of my tips and ideas for filling up your notebooks. It is always a good idea to expand your creative platform and explore new ways to keep yourself organized by putting your own twists on things and have fun while doing it!