After you earn your music degree at Gannon, there are many different directions that you can take. Here are 5 different jobs you could get with a music degree.



  • Artist representation

In this career you get to represent artists by marketing their music and advertising the artists. You can also manage concerts and tours and any other performances. Another big task for an artist rep. is choosing the most talented clients to be on their list. This is a very competitive career to get into and you either have to have experience in the industry or in human resources.




  • Arts administration

This career includes working for universities and being in charge of the chorus or orchestra. You would also be responsible for distributing instruments to students and maintenance of those instruments. You also plan and execute concerts.



  • Event planning and management

In this career you plan events, large and small, such as concerts, weddings, festivals, conferences, and formal parties. For this career, you should pair your music education with public relations, marketing, advertising, or some other type of skill set similar to those.


  • Music arranging

With education in music, this is another path you can take. You would be responsible for arranging, composing, producing, recording, mixing, and critiquing music. You can work with any genre of music that you like such as jazz, pop, classical, rock, etc.




  • Music education

This career spans from preschool to college. It includes teaching students how to play instruments, sing, read music, and understand music. A music educator also teaches the culture that goes into music and the different sounds that each culture uses.


Whether you want to make music or teach others to do so, there are choices out there for music lovers. And remember, if you’re struggling to find the right job for you, Gannon’s guidance counselors are always here to help you.