As a college student, it can be hard when money is tight and you need something to get through the semester. So, I made a list of 5 things under $25 that will makes your experience better without breaking the bank!

The student schedule has many late nights and early mornings, so caffeine is a must. My favorite way to get caffeine to my bloodstream is a nice cup of coffee. Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, making your own is always more cost effective than buying one on your way to class.

  • This cold brew coffee maker is great if you like a nice iced coffee. If that’s not your style, a french press will deliver you a smooth coffee taste with a nice warm touch.
  • Besides saving you money in the long run, these coffee makers help to eliminate your use of single-use plastic and paper cups!

The next item that I find extremely beneficial is an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils can help you to be mindful and manage your stress levels, so having one of these in your dorm is great.

  • This diffuser is perfect because you can set a time limit. That way you can turn it on and without worrying about letting it run for too long.

The next few things are very practical items. They will make your time as a student flow by with ease. The first is a nice set of pens. I cannot stress how much I love having quality pens to take my notes with. It makes everything I write look neat and professional. Here are two of my favorite brands:

Next is a bottle of wrinkle release. Whether you have a presentation, interview, or simply want to look nice, making sure you are wrinkle-free is crucial.

  • This set of wrinkle-release is great because it comes with a travel size bottle.

Lastly, a nice water bottle is worth the investment. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps your organs to function, keeps you alert, and helps to keep your skin clear.

  • This Brita bottle is great because it filters your water as you drink it.

I also wanted to include a fun bonus item that will keep you entertained if you are able to spend a little more to get it. This mini projector will take movie and game nights to the next level, while still being convenient and portable. The only downside is that it is around $50, so it is not as affordable as these other items.