Since coming here to Gannon University, I have noticed that my friends and I needed to improve our studying skills. It took me a little bit to get on track with all of the different ways, but I finally found 5 ways that greatly improved my study skills and I figured I’d share them with you!  


  • Use a planner  

Most people either skip this step of school shopping or buy one, but never open it. This year is the first year I actually started to use a planner, and I can 100% say that it has helped so much. Whether you want a paperback planner, or to use one online (I use both) they are a huge help, and everyone should get them. It makes me feel like I have my life together somewhat.   

  • Quizlet  

I also just started to use Quizlet this year and it is my go-to study tool. I can put everything I have learned into it and study them. I can take a test, use flashcards, learn, match all the terms I put into it. It is a great way to memorize everything you need to memorize.   

  • Figure out your study days/hours  

No one wants to spend each day studying just because they have things planned, want to relax after work and or school, etc. Personally, I use Sundays as my study day. My group of friends and I normally reserve a room in the library and spend a few hours there. I get most of my homework done on Sundays, but if there is a test, I do around an hour each day for a week leading up to the test.  

  • Take notes  

Taking notes is probably the most helpful way to better your studying skills. It is the first step to everything else. Write down everything your teacher says. If you must paraphrase do that. Personally, I will use colored pens to memorize better.   

  • Eliminate distractions   

Studying with your friends sounds innocent and easy, but you never actually get anything done when you study with friends. If you have an important test or it is a hard class, study for it alone. You will be able to concentrate better and get done quicker. If you do study alone, make sure you do not check your phone every two minutes.