Gannon University has expanded once again. The students of the Dahlkemper School of Business have a new place to call “home,” the Center for Business Ingenuity. The Center for Business Ingenuity is located at 900 State Street and houses the Dahlkemper School of Business, the Erie Technology Incubator (ETI) and the Small Business Development Center. The building was designed so students and professionals in the Erie area will be able to build relationships and to potentially open up internship and project opportunities.

The Center for Business Ingenuity has a unique look compared to other buildings on Gannon’s Campus. Many buildings in the downtown area feature a brick exterior, but at 900 State Street, the building exterior is mirrored glass. This is not the only unique feature about the building; here are six unique features of the new building.

  1. Dry Erase Walls

cbi 2

Writing on the wall?! Yes, you can take up the entire wall to write out notes. The space professors now have to write notes is almost endless.  This could also take rewriting notes out with a study group to a new level, as the “boards” are larger than any others on campus.

  1. Built-in Cup Holders

cbi cup

I cannot start my day without a cup of caffeine, and neither can most of my classmates. Business students tend to always bring coffee to their morning classes. However, without fail, someone each semester gets theirs knocked over as it sits on top of their desk. Never fear, the new wheeled desks found in the CBI came with pop-out cup holders for your morning cup of joe.

  1. Conference Rooms


Any student can work on group projects in study rooms at the Nash Library, if they are quiet enough. Imagine a similar situation, but this time there is no need to be concerned about others studying. With conference rooms available, business students can work on projects with each other in rooms that can also be used for small meetings.

  1. Glass Elevator


Roald Dahl fans will appreciate the only glass elevator on campus, located in the lobby of the CBI. Not only can passengers see out of the back wall of the elevator, but anyone in the lobby can see who is riding through the mirrored wall opposite the elevator.

  1. Collaboration like no other


The businesses that are part of the ETI are interspersed with Gannon business faculty offices. This was done so that faculty, students and the businesses can “bump” into each other in the hallways, increasing the possibilities for collaboration. Students can now network with business professionals like never before with the new set-up between the Dahlkemper School of Business and the ETI.

  1. Business Information Systems Lab (BISL)


This lab is a first of its kind for Gannon University. With state of the art technology, students can compile large amounts of data, display information and experience business simulations. This technology will give both undergraduate and graduate students more experiences with business information they will face in the workplace.