In the words of Brenna Schuler, 4th year MAT student:

A typical day for me during this spring semester is kind of crazy, but that is what makes it so enjoyable. Typically, we have class at 9:00 am Monday through Thursday. Our classes typically last about two hours each and we have either one or two classes a day. During the class time we typically lecture and take notes for the first hour on whatever the topic is that day. The last hour of class is where we get to do the fun, hands on learning. We tend to do hands on learning almost every day. Some examples of what hands on learning is includes learning different tape jobs, suturing, casting, wound care, rehabilitation exercises, practicing protocols for emergency situations, or using therapeutic modalities. This portion of class is where we are free to explore and become familiar with different techniques and instruments so that we can take our knowledge to clinical and apply the information we learned. After class I head to clinical where I work with different athletes in winter sports. Right now, I work a lot with the men’s and women’s basketball teams, swimming, diving, and wrestling. At clinical I prepare athletes for their practices, whether that is rehabilitation exercises, applying therapeutic modalities, or taping/bracing the athletes. I watch and supervise their practices and provide them with whatever treatment or care that they need. Depending on my acrobatics and tumbling schedule during the week, I usually stay at clinical anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours a day. I then head straight from clinical to my practice for the day. Our practices are usually 3 hours long where we work on our routines and skills to prepare for our upcoming competitions. Spring practices are usually very intense and serious due to it being our competition season, but of course we know how to make them fun. I love being surrounded by my teammates to wrap up my day. Watching my teammates succeed and excel each day at the sport we love is so satisfying and inspiring. Whether the practice is acro-based or tumbling-based, there is always so much energy and so many positive vibes in the room. The Gannon Acrobatics and Tumbling team has so much heart, drive, and personality that they make even the hardest of days awesome. After practice I head home to get my homework and studying in before I head to bed.

My schedule is busy, I sometimes feel like I can’t catch a break, but my clinical experience allows me to get a little glimpse of what my future holds and that is what excites me and keeps me going. I am very passionate about my future, so the sacrifices I make and the hard work I put in now are completely going to be worth it in the end. I am grateful and blessed to have such a large support system to lean because I would be no where without them.