Nursing is a challenging profession, no matter what people tell you. It starts off with your General Education classes, which is clearly not what anyone wants; though we all have to get them out of the way. Then, it heads in the direction of your actual career classes. This next step, is where you start to get challenged and find out critical thinking skills to start you off for N-CLEX preparation.
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A few things that I would suggest to future nursing students here at gannon would be:
  1. ALWAYS READ YOUR BOOK. This, to the nursing program here, is the most essential thing for the nursing students. It may seem like a lot at first, especially considering it is about 1,700 pages long, but this is a key to success for the nursing students here. It has everything you need to know about nursing, and especially gives you scenarios, which will be useful when it comes to the exams for your health assessment classes.
  2. TAKE THE EXTRA TIME TO MEET WITH YOUR PROFESSOR ABOUT EXAMS. This may be a stretch for some people who are struggling with time management, or are in a sport, but I highly suggest this. This is something that I lacked during my first health assessment class, and once I started doing this my exams scores raised almost 6% each exam. That percentage score probably means nothing to you, but in health assessment you are going to need all the points you can get.
  3. STAY ORGANIZED. You are not only required to have certain books for certain classes, but you will also be required to have clinical belongings. Get a clinical bad, and keep all of those belongings together. If you show up to clinical’s without any of those belongings, you will not be able to complete your clinical’s or get any points for the day.
I know this post probably scared you more than making you feel at ease, but when the health assessment classes hit, you are going to want to be prepared. I hope that if you take anything out of this blog, you choose to be prepared for your classes with a sense of how much work you really will be doing. The nursing program is one of the best programs at gannon, and they truly prepare you for whats to come as nurses in the real world.