Happy Thursday from all of us here in Los Bancos. Many of us spent his last day in los Bancos sad, yet so grateful for the experiences that the people here have given so many of us. Today, we started our day at three different neighbor’s of Nido de Vida completing service. One group helped a neighbor construct a greenhouse while two other groups helps paint houses and plant fruit trees around the property.

After yet another delicious lunch of Guinea pig at Nido de Vida, we ended this special day hiking through the cloud forest surrounding Nido de Vida and saying goodbye to the river there one last time.

Once the group was all clean and dry, we helped prepare tilapia caught at Nido de Vida and had one last dinner together. We then surprised one of our group members, Emily, with a surprise birthday party and celebrate our departure from Nido de Vida by dancing the night away. It is with a great heaviness in our hearts that we have to say goodbye to the family of Nido de Vida, but I believe that we all know there is going to be a piece of this family with us wherever we go.


Gannon University Ecuador ABST