Well, I did it! I survived my first level 2 OT fieldwork in a mental health setting! I honestly didn’t realize how fast it really did fly by. Getting to complete my first fieldwork in Erie was definitely an eye-opening experience- from making lifelong friends to experiencing the hidden gems in Erie and surrounding areas. As I reflect on my experience, I wanted to share a some of my favorite memories from my time in Erie before I begin my next fieldwork adventure in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I will soon post an update about my fieldwork experience, but first- the fun stuff (we know how important occupational balance is!).

Sports: I had the opportunity to catch up with my classmate, Jackii & to spend some time outside of fieldwork getting to know my co-student, Sadie a little more! The Pirates game was so much fun and I really enjoyed the pierogi race!!


Niagara Falls: It is so amazing to be so close to some amazing places like Niagara Falls! The one thing I really wanted before I left Erie was to get to take a trip to the Falls. I am so thankful I got to see such a beautiful site. P.S., the Canadian side really is better!

Cleveland Museum of Art: Cleveland is another place that is super close to Erie! I got to spend the day relaxing and taking in all of the beautiful art.

Buttermilk Falls: During my fieldwork, I had opportunities to see some of Erie’s natural spots! I hiked through Asbury Woods and made it to  Buttermilk Falls and survived! I am not really a hiking/nature person, but it was so fun and the weather was perfect to just sit and enjoy the natural beauty that Erie has to offer.

Pittsburgh: You can’t go to Pennsylvania without going to a Steelers football game! I loved Pittsburgh and it really reminded me of home, with all of the fun things going on and good food. The game was so much fun and there was definitely team spirit

Live Music: Erie is a wonderful place for live music! During Celebrate Erie, there were so many concerts going on. I was able to see Peter Frampton & Steve Miller Band at the Erie Insurance Arena. It was interesting to see a concert in a small town, where everyone was at just having a good time making memories with friends and loved ones!

Forever Friends: In just 3 months, I have met so many amazing individuals. I couldn’t even imagine completing my fieldwork without Sadie by my side. All of our morning talks, office laughs, and late-night studying and completing assignments made my experience so much more meaningful. Shoutout to Sadie for being there with me every step of the way. Also, shoutout to Kellie-Sue for bringing me breakfast before my trip back to Tampa and always checking in to see how I was doing.

As this comes to a close, I wanted to give a shoutout to some of the wonderful people that I have met on my Erie journey- Sadie, Little Jacob, Celeste, Kellie-Sue, Tatyana, Travis, Zack, Alec, Jamie, Amanda, Jason, Corinne, Sam, Elliot, “Marty”, Josh, Teddy “Reddy” Rankin, Nicole Lossie, Mallory Hedlund, Kara, Nice Nancy, Gail, and John. I love all of you and I am so glad that I have a home and family in Erie.

I am going to enjoy some time at home in Florida before my next adventure in Lake Tahoe! Thanks for following the journey 🙂 Thanks everyone for being so supportive!

Sue Ram