Have you ever disagreed with something somebody said?

Well, of course you have.

There are so many opposing viewpoints on nearly every topic that exists. Some people, believe it or not, even disagreed with Newton’s law of gravity. However, I imagine that those same people were also fundamentally against floating into space.

My point is that with so many different beliefs about any number of possible subjects, it is nearly impossible to not find something to disagree with.

That being said, how do we voice our opinion in an environment that may not be willing to hear it? I find that these situations are naturally awkward and confrontational, so it is very easy to suppress your beliefs and just go with the flow. And honestly, that is what I usually do.

If keeping things to yourself was an Olympic sport, I may have more medals than Michael Phelps.

Unfortunately, the Olympic Committee does not recognize people who keep to themselves, and neither does anyone else. One thing I am learning at this stage of life is that if I am reluctant to voice my opinions, I will never be heard and things will continue to stay the same.

This goes for you too. Yes, you, the person currently reading my blog. Your views matter!

They matter just as much as anyone else’s! We, as human beings with voices, have a moral obligation to say what is on our minds and debate issues so that we can do our best to make the right decisions.

Your viewpoint may not always be the majority, but you can hold your head high knowing that you made your voice heard and participated in the discussion. This goes for important issues like the presidential election as well as other important decisions, like where to go for dinner tonight. I believe Panera Bread is a great place to get a bagel and some coffee, but I am a big guy and a bowl of soup is not a meal. If I am in the minority on this decision, I will swallow my pride with a French baguette and endure a bowl of broccoli cheddar. At least I made my voice heard and did everything I, as one person, could do.

This week, I disagreed with some of the things that I heard and I realized the importance of speaking up, and then it was now.