Athens, Greece is a landmark with ancient buildings that not only are wonderful to capture, but are historically valuable from a tourists point of view. If I could go visit these historical monuments tomorrow, I would be arriving on my plane today.

This place is not only just of historical value, but from a tourists point of view, it is a completely different lifestyle. I could not imagine living the life of an Athen, especially when I become so numb to our life here.

This picture is just one of the many historical monuments to visit in Athens, called Acropolis. These are things that we in Pennsylvania do not see as often, because we do not have the historical resources. You can not expect to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and see buildings like these were you can capture beautiful moments. Although, Pennsylvania has some historical backgrounds, we may have already viewed them too many times. Also, they are of no comparison to buildings like Acropolis; though we will always value our historical monuments in PA. People in Greece actually still tend to go and visit these sites themselves, because it is always of value to them, as well.

People in Greece, live in a way that would seem odd to people in the States. We do not just have the men doing all the hard work anymore. Women are working all the time now, and are sometimes even single moms; like my mother. She raised me and my siblings all on her own and that may seem odd to people who were born in Greece.

All things aside, I believe that Athens, Greece would be a beautiful place for me or anyone to visit; in which my eyes could be opened to a whole other perspective of life.