As soon as the Australian Travel group landed in Sydney, they went straight to a walking tour of the Sydney Opera House. During the tour, the group learned about the history and architecture of the building. The group was also able to witness the Australian ballet and Symphony practicing.

The next day, the group went off a full-day tour of the Blue Mountains. The tour allowed them to interact with some of Australia’s wildlife, including petting and feeding kangaroos. The tour also explored some of the smaller villages of Sydney and took them on a boat ride to really explore the coast. Later in the week, the group was able to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, go on a ‘Rocks Tour’ in Sydney, and enjoy the cuisine of both some of the best restaurants/ street markets in Sydney.

The group also took a short bus ride to Bondi Beach where they took surfing lessons. After surfing the group went on a three-mile hike along the beach. The group has learned that not only is Sydney a melting pot of all cultures but the importance of being open to step out of one’s comfort zone. – Karley and Megan