Leaving early Saturday morning, the 10 Gannon students and faculty traveling to the Arizona Border began their journey southwest. For some, this was their experience on an airplane. The journey was long but was followed by a rewarding experience. When touching down into Phoenix, the group was met with the sunny dry environment of the Arizona desert scene. This stark contrast to typical Erie winters was quite shocking and very exciting. For many of our student members and leaders this was our first time ABST experience. On the first day of travel the students spent a significant amount of time getting to know their environment and each before diving into what Arizona has to offer. Now that the group has settled, we are ready to take on the Arizona Border Experience!  Brennen and I are beginning to find footing in our positions as student leaders and are very exciting for all of the information, experiences and learning that is to come!

Blog post brought to you by Chloe Adiutori and Brennen Grabowski