It was our first day at Pio Decimo.  We arrived and John taught us all about their presence in different counties and all the services they provide. It was super interesting to learn about how far they reach and how many people they help. It exceeded my preconceived expectations. 
Doug and I were on tree duty, which, I’m all for yard work. However, they left one key element out.

This caused a day of pain. Within the first 20 minutes I got two deep pokes. Both were fine, but one went right into my right foot. At first it was fine, but after 2 hours and lunch break, I was limping everywhere. I got taken out by a stick. 
It was also here where we met Roger. He was a light-hearted and understanding guy, but also knew how to have fun and how to work. I’ll admit, there were times I was annoyed by the yard work (sharp sticks), but Roger’s stories always made it more fun. At the end, he asked if he could get Doug and I to help him with his work. I appreciated that because I felt like our work was recognized.

There was one point where I was raking and picking up sticks in an open courtyard. The sun was beating, and I felt great. The heat was awesome and sweat felt amazing. I honestly didn’t want to stop. I was in the zone. Singing to myself, working up a sweat. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

For lunch, we got to participate in a Sonoran hot dog.

A bacon-wrapped hot dog, with beans, tomatoes, onions, mayo, mustard, salsa verde, all in a fancy bun. 
After lunch, Doug, Harley, and I went to paint a wall in the same courtyard I was raking. Harley and I became very knowledgeable of the way of painting from Doug, which we were very grateful for. 
We did one coat of tan to cover up the old green color, and then we finished it with some “coco berry.” A little music to spice the atmosphere and a snack break here and there, we got done in no time.

We met back up with the rest of the group, and after some photos of a beautiful sky, headed back to the monastery. A quick grocery trip later and pizza, we were home. 
Reflection was fun today, but I also learned a lot. I realized I thought I knew a lot more than I did. I really hope I can learn all the intricacies of immigration and more of the reality behind it. Being a second-generation immigrant, I should know more about the southern border issues, and do more to help. I know many people who have crossed and have lost everything, and I want to learn how to help people avoid that same fate.

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