It’s that time of year again, everyone! Time to buy your books, get your school supplies, and get new clothes for this coming school year! It can be a stressful time, especially if this is your first year of college. So, in order to help you feel a little more ready, I have some tips and tricks to start the year off right, as well as some events that are happening at Gannon before the year starts.

Tip 1: Books

There are a few different ways you can go about getting the textbooks you need. The first way is to go to the Gannon book store and buy the used version of the book you need instead of buying a new book outright. New books can be very expensive, and you can often get a used book that is the same quality for a lot less money. Another way to save money on books is by searching the ISBN of the book and finding it used online. However, this approach can be risky because you won’t see the book you’re buying until it is delivered, but I got my textbook this way and it looked brand new.

Tip 2: Notebooks

Instead of just buying a bunch of notebooks for each class, buy binders and reams of loose leaf paper. I like this method because you can combine your folder and notebook, and it makes it a bit more customizable. I recommend 1 in. binders with a clear pocket on the front cover where you can put a paper with the title of the class. You can decorate the paper any way you want!



Tip 3: Online Shopping

If you plan to do your back to school shopping online, I recommend you download the Honey browser extension. It’s free, and it searches the internet for coupons while you’re at the checkout section. Many different websites at this time will also have back-to-school discounts and certain apps, such as Amazon and Spotify, will have student discounts.


On Campus Events:

Right now at Gannon there are so many things going on for new and returning students. Coming up, from August 16th – 20th is Preview GU, which is a five-day event which allows new students to get a taste of Gannon life. On the first day students will receive a t-shirt and take their class picture under the Gannon arch.

Also, on the 19th is the IgKnight fair, which is an activity fair for students to learn about the different clubs and organizations that Gannon has to offer.

I hope that these tips help and that you feel a little more prepared to come back to school after attending these events. Personally, I am very excited to start my life as a college student.