As I surpass the midway point of my junior year, I sit back and realize that there are so many things that make student-athletes who they are. Here are some things that I’ve noticed that we as athletes tend to do best.


  1. Your wardrobe consists of t-shirts, sweatpants, running shorts, leggings and nothing else.
  2. Water is your best friend.
  3. Injuries happen more often than not.
  4. Having a day off to do absolutely nothing is a gift from the gods.
  5. You’re constantly hungry.
  6. Sleep has a priority over school work.
  7. People around campus know you’re an athlete because you dress like one and have bags under your eyes 24/7.
  8. Everything you do turns into a competition (and losing is NOT an option).
  9. Getting new gear is like another Christmas.
  10. Receiving a “practice is cancelled” text is the most exciting thing you’ve heard since sliced bread.
  11. Leaving campus for breaks is emotionally draining.
  12. You live in the athletic training room.
  13. You take more ice baths than regular baths.
  14. You associate one particular song with your team and can’t help but break out in song every time you hear it.
  15. Rest days are practically non-existent.
  16. You spend more time with your teammates than your family.
  17. You find great excitement in buying new sneakers.
  18. Jeans are not part of your vocabulary (and shopping for them is AWFUL).
  19. You have nightmares about being late to practice.
  20. You put your team before anything else in your life.



Athletes live in a completely different world compared to the average individual. This list is never-ending, but only the most committed athletes have a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live this list every single day. A shout out to all the athletes out there who strive to be the best person they can be and never give up! This list is for you!