This past week has been a busy one for me, especially with midterms and the anticipation of fall break weighing over my head.  Who doesn’t love fall break? Five days of relaxing, getting caught up on work and hanging out with old friends.  This would be my reward for my hard work this week.  With this reward hanging over me like a rabbit with a carrot tied to the front of its nose,  I needed to get as much as I could done and be as productive as possible in addition to getting work done in my classes.

Due to my busy schedule (and a little procrastination), I haven’t been able to get to the gym as much as I’ve wanted to this year.  I kept telling myself that it was due to my “busy” schedule and that I couldn’t walk all the way from my dorm to the gym.  So, to combat these excuses and lazy actions, I decided to do 50 push-ups a day.  I would do 25 in the morning when I woke up and 25 in the evening when I would go to bed.  I did this new workout routine for two weeks and thought I was doing a really great job of actually putting an effort into working out. I thought I was seeing results.

Around this time, I was back to doing my own laundry and taking care of personal responsibilities that come with college life.  Little did I know that I was washing and drying my shirts incorrectly, resulting in the shirts to shrink.  With me starting to work out my arm muscles, I thought that I was getting some definition in my arms.  It wasn’t until I realized that compared to my other shirts that I haven’t worn or washed yet, the shirts I’ve washed are just shrinking.  I put two and two together and realized that I was still the same toothpick arm kid from the beginning of the school year, but in addition to that, I also do not know how to do my laundry correctly.

With fall upon us, that means two things: ridiculous pumpkin flavored foods and the flu.  I found out through some signs around campus that the school was offering free shots for students. So I figured, why not get vaccinated?  If any of you know me, you know that the three things I fear the most are centipedes, jump scares and needles.  I get allergy shots every other week, so I have been able to combat my fear of needles to the point where I’m not scared of shots. I still cringe at the sight of them, but I can manage the fear pretty well.

So that was my week, now time to enjoy fall break with some warm apple cider and hours of Netflix binging.