No one really prepares you for the world of public transportation, which is understandable because not everyone needs to ride the bus. However, for those who have no other means of shipment, the bus can sometimes be a roller-coaster. It’s basically a mix of all the people you otherwise wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the shared connection to Erie. It’s essentially a mixing pot, or perhaps a big soup.

Regardless, public transportation has taught me to leave my comfort zone and talk to just about anyone. Could you imagine? Talking to people you don’t know? What a stretch, right? Wrong. I believe riding the bus is good for your mental health, because it exposes you to the abnormalities of life that many of us are not used to, which pushes you to become a better communicator. Often times I think we’re too busy shaping our ideal lives through Instagram, because it’s convenient. However, when you’re on an overly heated, one hour bus ride you have to learn to keep your cool, and just get along with life. In my opinion, it’s a good lesson in control.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I really dislike the bus. Often times the bus will break down; arrive late or not even come at all. The bus is actually quite irritating, however through these candid moments I have come to love the bus. In a way it has become my little home away from home. Sounds strange, huh? Well that’s because it is. I don’t think there’s anything stranger than the bus, because it’s constantly bringing new faces and new conversation, but that’s what makes it so great.

Sometimes the conversations you have with strangers are completely crazy, while other times you might bump into someone with a whole lot of heart and soul, who just so happens to make your ride seem like a breeze. Given the stark contrast in conversation types, the entire ride is still subjective. It’s entirely up to you to make or break the ride, because no one can have your conversations for you.

The bus is like a constantly evolving ball of clay that is continuously being molded by the hands of many creators, and if you can’t move with the mold, well… the bus will still mold you, so you may as well enjoy it. I believe that even when it seems as if our circumstances are out of our control, it is still possible to overcome adversity and rise to enlightenment. As a journalism major, I could definitely see myself using the bus as a means of “Gonzo Journalism” in the future. For anyone with a curious outlook on life, I definitely recommend looking to public transportation for inspiration in regards to creative works.

With that said, I offer you this song about adversity. Enjoy.