Hey readers! Welcome back – I hope classes are going well so far.

I thought I would share a story from my break with y’all. 🙂

The day after Christmas, I flew to Texas with my little brother for our annual trip to visit our mom for New Year’s. It was nice for the first few days. Then an incident happened on the night of Dec. 29. My mom asked if I wanted to go to the grocery store with her. No harm in that, right?


After one step onto the wet garage floor I slipped and fell straight down with my entire weight landing on my left elbow. I passed out from the pain of it, waking up to my mother yelling and my siblings’ footsteps getting closer as they ran into the garage. Later on, my mom explained to me that I had been out cold for about two minutes and she tried to smack me awake! I didn’t even remember any of that.

I got to ride in an ambulance for the first time that night. The ambulance attendant asked me questions like, “Do you know what year it is?” and, “Do you know what city you’re in right now?” He was trying to make sure I didn’t have any head damage, but all that really stung was my elbow. I had never broken a bone before, not even a sprain, so it was odd not being able to move my elbow as freely as I had half an hour earlier.

Once at the hospital ER, I had a CT scan an x-ray done. My results showed that my head was fine, and I had a fractured elbow and needed a sling. It could’ve been way worse. So the rest of my vacation in Texas was spent learning how to bathe with a sling/wrap while not getting it wet and how to put a necklace on with one hand. What an experience.

I returned to Erie a couple days after the incident, only to remember that I was getting my wisdom teeth out that very same week. So, sling/wrapped and puffy-faced, I must say that this Christmas break is definitely not making my list of top 10 vacations. But, what I have learned personally has given me an idea of how patient and accepting I am of changes! I’m going to tie that in to my social work major because it will mean a great deal having patience and acceptance towards certain events. I’ve got to hang in there and keep my head up.

Thanks for reading, hang in there everyone. 🙂