Over the summer I recently started up a new hobby that really helped me organize myself and time. I picked up this activity that is called a “Bullet Journal”. A Bullet Journal is a wide variety of things, but it is all based on what you want to be written down into your journal. It can be a diary, planner, daily to-do’s, chore chart, saving money chart, etc. It can be filled with whatever you want in it. You can go into every day and update all for the things you have in it, or you can add more things. It is a good way to be productive, keep yourself organized, and it is very aesthetically pleasing too which is a little extra bonus. But there are a few things that you will need to start up this hobby. I think that this hobby could really be helpful to college students because it gives you a way to organize your life in a way you want. It is a good way to relieve stress, have little 1uotes to keep you motivated, etc. I feel as if it has helped me to calm down when I get overwhelmed about things.  



  • The first thing you will need is obviously the journal itself. There is a specific type of journal that people use for this hobby, and it is called a dotted journal, or you can look up “bullet journal”, but just make sure you see the dots when the images are available. I got mine from Amazon for about $10, and they have a wide variety of colors, different brands, and different prices.  

The accessories: 

  • Secondly, you will want to get some of the accessories to spice up your journal and make it the way you want it. Personally, I have highlight pens, ball point pens, some stencils and a few calligraphy pens as well. You obviously do not need all these items to make your journal, but personally, I want my journal to be cute and pleasing. You can get all these items from Amazon, go to Walmart, Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics, or even The Dollar Store.    

Different ways to get ideas: 

  • It may be hard to come up with ideas on the spot, so you might need some inspiration, which I had to do at first too. A lot of the ideas that are in my bullet Journal came from Pinterest and different websites talking about the journals. The amount of ideas that they have that I never would have thought of are insane. But I really enjoy all the ideas that they have, and it really helped me get going with my journal.