Anyone who has walked down the English wing of the Palumbo can tell you it is a welcoming place. One reason for this sense of hospitality is Carol Hayes, an instructor in the English department. A beloved member of Gannon’s teaching staff, she is always glad to help, regardless of whether the issue is related to academics.

Hayes began working at Gannon in 2004, having spent four years prior at Edinboro University. Hayes quickly became a mainstay of the department, showing enthusiasm in every aspect of her job. Well diversified in her writing abilities, Hayes teaches many different English courses, such as Creative Writing, College Composition, Intro to Literature and one of the most socially informative first-year seminars Gannon offers.

What sets Hayes apart from other professors is her compassion. Students who have had her as a teacher describe her as very patient with their ideas. She’s also known for encouraging her students, urging them to share their work at open mic nights or through other outlets.

In fact, when asked what her favorite part of working at Gannon was, Hayes responded simply: her students. She loves her students and the “welcoming nature that they represent.”

Even if she isn’t your teacher, Hayes’ door is always open.