One of the most exciting things about college is decorating your dorm room. It’s your “home away from home” and one of the places where you can really express yourself. Decorating your room can be a fun way to take your mind off all the responsibilities that college throws at you. Below are cool ways to decorate your room and tips to follow! (Pro tip: a great place to start? Gannon’s Pinterest boards!)


1) Magazine cutouts – Use old magazine pictures and texts as wall décor. Organize the cutouts by different themes like color, design, or pattern. Try to have them concentrated in one space or spread throughout the room.

2) Lots and lots of plants – Plants are a very simplistic and cute way to decorate your room. Use white pots to match any color scheme. You can concentrate a bunch of them in the same area, spread them throughout your room, or even have them hanging from the ceiling!

3) Book stacks – Do you have a lot of books with little space to put them? Well there are many unexpected ways to use books. You can simply stack them on your desk as décor, use them as a plant stand, or even as a balance for your bed if it’s uneven.

4) Candle collection – Candles are an important part of any relaxation routine, especially with the struggles of everyday college life. Try keeping candles in every space that you work in like on your desk and beside your bed. Use mini candles for an even cuter approach.

Quick Tips:

1) Think about your design vibe – What aesthetic are you going for? What color palettes are you going to use? Keep this in mind when designing your dorm room.

2) Organize, organize, organize – Never leave your dorm room a mess! It can be difficult trying to work in a space that is disorganized. Easy ways to keep your room tidy are color coding, using shelves or containers, and regularly cleaning your living space.

3) Look to social media for guidance – Gannon has different social media platforms that you can use for help. One place to go to is Pinterest, which has a selective variety of projects and DIYs. Gannon’s link is located above!