Day 2

Today was our first full day in Mérida! Today was our “tourist” day and we spent the majority of it exploring downtown. Our group is enjoying the warm weather which is a big change from dragging our luggage through the snow yesterday. We attended a traditional Yucatán Catholic mass in the afternoon at the cathedral. After mass, we went for lunch at a local restaurant! Our group went out of their comfort zones ordering new food and drinks such as panuchos and horchatas. We stopped by a government palace to admire the murals filled with Mayan history. Jose was generous enough to explain each one and answer any and all questions! We walked through the many different vendors buying souvenirs! One of the highlights of everyone’s day was meeting Alex. Alex was a vendor who sold different NFL ponchos and bags. We soon discovered he was a Steelers fan and Brynn purchased a poncho from him! Then we treated ourselves to some delicious churros and ice cream after a long day of walking! Our group split so that some went back to the house while others went grocery shopping at Walmart (which yes is a cooler experience in a different country). We all started to test out the hammocks that were bought today and napped away. Chef Sheila and Ariel prepared pasta for dinner while a handful of participants played Uno! After dinner, we had our reflection focusing on the theme of happiness. We read an article about the paradox of ‘happy peasants and miserable millionaires’ and shared our own happiest moments of our life with the group.


las caballeras de indecisas