It seems like this time of year all the office pools and the sports chatter revolve around the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. It is March Madness after all. But the women’s tournament is happening at the same time and they deserve attention just like the guys do. So we here at Edge (and once again that just means yours truly, Adam N. Miller, who will take the blame for any potentially awful picks) went ahead and filled out a bracket for this year’s women’s tournament as well.

My knowledge of the field of women’s teams is about as extensive as my knowledge of the men’s teams, and by that I mean that I did an equal amount of guesstimation here. I tried my best and did my research to this result: A Final Four that includes Connecticut, Louisville, South Carolina and Notre Dame. It’s impossible to pick against Connecticut (even if they play Robert Morris from my good ol’ hometown of Pittsburgh in the first round). Also, my apologies to Duquesne as well, I gave them one win but once again I couldn’t pick against Connecticut. It hurts me to turn traitor on my hometown schools but I couldn’t deny the facts. But hey, I hope they prove me wrong. It would wreck my bracket, but at least I could be happy for a local team while I watched it all fall apart.

I really don’t have many upset picks in this bracket, which may be my downfall. There’s always a few surprises every year. But despite some uncertainty in the lower match ups, I feel confident that my Final Four picks are pretty spot on; More so than I did on my men’s bracket. Ultimately, I have a final game between Connecticut and Notre Dame,with the Uconn Huskies winning in a boring pick based on their recent championship success (meaning: I didn’t have the guts to pick against the favorites in both of my brackets). As with my other bracket, I invite criticism and or praise as necessitated. Good luck to all of you fans who filled out a bracket for the women’s tournament. May your picks bring you victory.