Valentine’s Day is upon us and what is Valentine’s Day without the right music? We here at Edge have playlists for every occasion and just so happen to have a perfect one to fit the mood this February 14th. So enjoy ten love songs handpicked for the occasion. We swear they’re good ones.

  1. Sweetheart – My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket has made appearances in a lot of Edge playlists, and for good reason. This is the perfect background tune for a romantic dinner– something slow and kind of spacey with a little bit of keys.  This one says “love is in the air.”

  1. Lisa Sawyer – Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is getting to be a big time artist and it’s because of beautiful songs like this. This one is another great background song. You can’t help but feel something when you listen to it.

  1. When You’re Smiling Astride Me – Father John Misty

Father John Misty is pretty great at love songs. His album is called “I Love You, Honeybear.” It doesn’t get much more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than this.

  1. It All Feels Right – Washed Out

This is where we mix it up a little. This track has some great electronic sounds to it and it’s a little psychedelic. It’s like a Flaming Lips song except it actually makes sense. (All respect to the Flaming Lips, though. For real.)

  1. Chinatown – Wild Nothing

This is a perfect follow up to our previous track. It’s a little more upbeat and straightforward, but it still has some great synth sounds and layered vocals. This one’s a winner.

  1. Skyscrapers – Ok Go

A fine example of a slow dance song. You’ve got to have one of those in a playlist like this. You don’t HAVE to actually get up and dance to it but if you were going to dance to anything on this playlist, this is the song.

  1. Sound and Color – Alabama Shakes

You’ve definitely heard this one before. It gets a lot of airtime. It may just be the best love song of 2015. This one is simple but it says a lot and most importantly, it’s heartfelt.

  1. Our Love – Gary Clark Jr.

A good ol’ blues love song seemed in order. This one has a great throwback vibe. Gary Clark Jr’s smooth voice is just what any good Valentine’s Day playlist needs.

  1. You and I – Wilco

This is where we get to the cutesy songs. The duet on this track is the definition of cutesy. This one was made for nights like Valentine’s Day.

  1. Together – Mac Demarco

I dare you to not feel all lovey-dovey after this one. Just some acoustic guitar and one dude crooning. It’s an insta-classic love song.