Here they are — based on Google analytics, the most-viewed, most popular original Edge posts from 2013:

10: Cleaning toilets, smashing spiders and other new adventures | By Mary Kate Carroll, 9/12/13
Back-to-school is always an exciting time on my annual calendar.  There is something about buying a pack of No. 2 pencils that refreshes my spirit, and motivates me to do my best in the upcoming school year.  Despite being almost 20 years old, I still pounce on the opportunity to inhale a deep whiff of freshly sharpened crayons. Read More >>

9: The story of #AJO | By Matt Kridel, 10/4/13 
The story of Alyssa Josephine O’Neill – now known to the world as #AJO – starts ten years ago. Ten years ago Starbucks created its iconic pumpkin spice latte (PSL,) a drink that has inspired pumpkin spice products from cookies to candles, and is considered by many to be a hallmark tradition of fall. This year, Starbucks is celebrating the anniversary of the PSL. What Starbucks probably never expected, however, is how much one girl’s story would intertwine with their sales. Read More >>

8: Pop some tags: A thrift shopper’s guide | By Brittnie Knight, 3/11/13  
I’m sure while walking around campus you have heard someone sing, “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.” Macklemore had it right, but he’s a little behind on the trend. Read More >>

7: I’m a big sister…kind of | By Mary Kate Carroll, 11/14/13
On Saturday, Nov. 2, I received an ominous text message from my mother reading, “Call me.” Fearing the worst possible outcome, like a death or accident, I hesitantly called back. My mom picked up on the second ring and breathlessly exclaimed, “You’re going to be a big sister!” An awkward silence followed.  My mother quickly explained the situation. Read More >>

6: Advising Day: Gannon’s personal holiday | By Sarah Sgro, 11/12/13
Happy Advising Day! Once a semester, Gannon students get a holiday that isn’t found on a normal calendar. Advising Day gives you a day free from classes, with the obligation that you visit your advisor to choose your classes for the following semester. Many take this opportunity to sleep in as a sign to do something a little crazy the night before. On campus, the day before Advising Day, called “Advising Day Eve,” is almost better than Christmas. Read More >>

5: Roommates: Love them, hate them, live with them | By Matt Kridel, 11/13/13
“Hey jerk.” “What’s up, loser?” Any stranger who observed the banter between my roommate Ben and I would think that our relationship was abusive. In fact, the names we call each other are often worse than the above examples and result in a rapid back-and-forth game of “Who can one-up the other in name-calling without repeating insults?” Read More >>

4: Look into the Past: Palumbo Academic Center | By Zak Westfall, 3/27/13
This new photo series, titled “Look into the Past,” takes old pictures and matches them up with their current day positions. Sometimes these places haven’t changed and sometimes these places are radically different. The idea is to have a window into the past and see what was compared to what is. It’s a cool look at Gannon and Erie history. Read More >>

3: 5 things to know about staying fashionable in cold weather  | By Sarah Sgro, 11/14/13
The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder as we get further into November and December. But as much as the cold makes us want to wrap up in comfy sweatpants and hoodies, there are just as many options to dress-up without freezing. Here are a few helpful hints to looking cute and staying warm on your way to class. Read More >>

2: Week in Photos 9/28/13 – 10/4/13 | By Edge Staff, 10/4/13
This week at Gannon the Schuster Theatre opened GRRRLZ, the bookstore had its grand re-opening and alumni came back in force for Homecoming weekend. Read More >>

1: The highest bids for fall rush | By Mary Kate Carroll, 10/8/13
During the last couple weeks, you may have come across posters strewn across campus advertising different sorority and fraternity events.  These ornate and colorful posters hoped to lure in potential members of Greek life for fall recruitment. Read More >>