Day 7

We started our last full day in Mexico by making 30 eggs and enjoying all our fruits we bought: pineapple, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, and apple.

Then came our COVID testers, straight to la casa. We quickly learned the Mexico swab is very different from Gannon’s. Instead of swirling around in one nostril, they poked back and forth a few times inside, and a little further. Later that day we all got cleared to return home the next day!

We asked to return downtown and purchase a few last minute gifts to use up our remaining pesos, and then we left for la playa!!!!!

The ride was long, but worth it! We ate at the hotel restaurant, then spent the next hours swimming like mermaids, playing tag in the water, making up synchronized swimming routines, and making each other models with many many photos in the beautiful setting sun.

On our way home, we stopped for ice cream once again, and when we got back, Pati had a surprise for us: a slideshow of photos of all we experienced this week. It was so heartwarming to relive all the wonderful memories: our first night at la palapa, learning about the Mission programs, our work projects at Padre Felix’s chapel and Casa Blanca, visiting the cenote, Chichen Itza and the beach, and all the loving people we encountered.

We said our goodbyes to Jose, ending in a huge group hug, and went into a very powerful reflection of sharing admiration, appreciation, and affection to each of our fellow group mates. Pati joined us for our first hour, which only covered three members, and we continued until well after midnight to get to the remaining eight of us. We shared so many laughs, tears, jokes, memories, and kind words, and strongly considered another wake-over, having to leave for the airport just three hours after finishing. We packed, showered and headed off for a little nap before our travel day back home.

Con amor siempre,
Las caballeras con muy emociones