Last year, Edge published a feature titled “Freshmen Fails,” an article celebrating the embarrassing blunders of our first year of college. The purpose of the feature wasn’t to ridicule other students, but to remind the student population that everyone has embarrassing moments. Freshman year of college is tricky. A lot of the time, you’re putting on a guise to convince everybody else you have it all together. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just be real with yourself, laugh it off, and move on. With this in mind, here are some more tragic freshmen fails submitted by Gannon University students. Yes, of course they’ll still be anonymous.

“My bra strap broke–not just snapped off, straight up TORE–during my very first class (which was coincidentally at 9AM) and I had no time until the afternoon to go back to my dorm and change it, so I had to go to the bathroom and rig it together with a paper clip.”

“One time, my roomie locked me out of my room after I got out of the shower and I had to run down to the RA office on the first floor (I lived on the fourth) to ask for a key. No one was there, so I waited outside my room for 20 minutes til my roommate got back. Was completely naked besides my towel. Trite, I know, but this actually happened.”

“I tried to make cornbread from scratch in the microwave. All I got was cornbread soup and a dorm room that smelled like corn for a week.”

“I dyed my hair with Clorox bleach because I wanted bleach-blonde hair. Lesson learned kids: don’t apply cleaning agents directly on your scalp.”

“I was having trouble with one of the washers in Harborview. The door to the washer was stuck and I couldn’t open it. This cute guy offers to help me open my door, so I let him. He managed to rustle the door open, but all of my laundry fell out of the washer and at his feet. Including my frilly pink cat underwear.”

“I was at this huge Halloween event with my friends that the activity board was throwing. We were trying to find our other friend who wouldn’t disclose his costume and was trying to make us figure out what he was. We were absolutely certain that he was this mad scientist looking dude, so we followed him around and eventually  pounced on him. It was not our friend. He seemed so creeped out; I would be too. Sorry, scientist friend! It was dark there!”

“I was hanging out with a girl that I liked. She went to look up something on my phone and saw that I was logged onto Facebook and creeping on her page. I was way back in her photos, too. She laughed it off, but I was so embarrassed. ”

To new students, it seems like the end of the world when something embarrassing happens.

Eventually, as you progress onward with your college career, you learn to endure your embarrassing moments with pride. Take it from staff contributor Adam Miller who said, “Man, there are so many embarrassing stories, how am I supposed to pick just one?” Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it. Embrace those freshmen fails; they’ll make for a great story one day.