Inspiration is an internal motivation factor. In honor of Gannon University’s Future Educators Association first annual Chalk Walk, where students walk to honor past and present teachers who have made a difference in their lives, we asked students around Gannon to talk about professors that have inspired or motivated their students.

Dr. Suzanne Kitts

“A professor that inspires me would be Dr. Suzanne Kitts. She is a professor in the Sport and Exercise Science Department and I have had the pleasure to be taught by her a few times now. She makes everything relatable and I truly enjoy going to her class every day to learn because it is exciting and a great learning environment. It also helps that she is extremely funny and knows her stuff really well.”

Justine Rodrigues, senior sport and exercise science major

“The teacher that inspires me is Dr. Suzanne Kitts. I have had Dr. Kitts for numerous classes throughout my college career and she has also been my advisor the past couple semesters. Every time I attend her classes, I am actually eager to learn and I leave feeling more knowledgeable in the course. She has gone above and beyond helping me figure out my future career moves and I couldn’t be more grateful. Dr. Kitts is a wonderful professor within our Sports and Exercise Science Department and I am very fortunate to have had her as my professor, advisor, and mentor.”

Michelle Genetin, senior nutrition and human performance major

Mrs. Janice Whiteman

“As my advisor and mentor, I feel Mrs. Whiteman both inspires and motivates me. Mrs. Whiteman is extremely devoted to Gannon’s School of Education and the success of her students. Her position as the director of the School of Education is more than just a day job, and there have been several instances where I have seen her in her office in the evening or on weekends. She is very knowledgeable in her field, and I value the insights and information that she has to offer. She also has high expectations for all education majors and works hard to ensure that we as teacher candidates will be as successful as possible.  Despite her busy schedule, she always puts her students first and makes time to meet with them whenever needed. In my future career as a teacher, I hope to have the same commitment and dedication to the education and success of all of my students.”

Kelli Ferko, junior secondary mathematics education major

Dr. David Prier

“As another one of my advisors, Dr. Prier also inspires and motivates me greatly.  Dr. Prier is also very committed to the success of his students. He is always willing to help a student out and put his own work aside to do so. Personally, he has helped me several times outside of his office hours, even with a class that he was not teaching. In addition, his love for mathematics and his enthusiasm for the content that he teaches is clearly evident during his instruction, and you can tell that he loves what he does. He also has a great way of explaining difficult concepts, which makes them easier to understand.  All in all, I hope to carry Dr. Prier’s enthusiasm for mathematics and devotion to his students’ success with me into my future classroom.”

Kelli Ferko, junior secondary mathematics education major

The Chalk Walk is meant to address the myriad of professors that inspire students each and every day.  Gannon University’s Future Educators Association is hosting the first annual Chalk Walk Saturday, April 11 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  The Chalk Walk is a celebration of our teachers and is meant to honor and recognize the good work being done by teachers past, present and future. The walk has a $2 registration fee that can be paid online or the day of the walk for no extra charge. The walk will begin at Saint Peter Cathedral School and end on Gannons’ AJ’s Way and will be supplemented by free activities.  Consider joining the Future Educators Association this Saturday to honor your most memorable teachers.