I am not a very healthy person. Have you read my other articles? A lot of them have to do with food. I walk at least 30 minutes a day, but I haven’t been to the gym in…a while. So what’s a guy like me doing writing about Gannon’s annual Wellness Fair? Well, if you happen to love wings and ribs as much as myself, fear not, for “health” and “wellness” are two separate things. And through one, we can learn to work towards the other.

Introducing Good for U, a brand new initiative set on promoting seven equally important versions of wellness around Gannon’s campus. We’ve heard these various categories before — occupational, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social and physical – on Gannon’s LifeCore wheel.  But how can we expand on these ideals? How can we even find the time? Students and faculty alike have been in your position and will be there to help you.

There are plenty of ways to stay physically active at school, but I’m pretty sure that article’s been written before. Let’s focus on some of the more unique aspects of the Good for U campaign. You’ve probably never thought much about occupational wellness before, but it’s real, and there are some great ways to explore its purpose at the Wellness Fair. You can test out one of Gannon’s desk treadmills, which lets you get work done while getting your cardio in, or even participate in our Health Campus 2020 poll to let us know what you think is truly important about wellness on campus. And that’s just the beginning; we can’t stress enough how much more there is waiting for you.

The Wellness Fair is meant to be multi-dimensional, so each version of wellness gets its fair shake. For example, at the environmental section of the fair, you can take a “nature walk” to learn more about your carbon footprint. You can also make your own potpourri using natural ingredients. Disclaimer: In case you don’t know what potpourri is, I can tell you now it’s not for eating. Campus ministry will be there to help on the spiritual side of things and aid you in exploring different avenues of meditation and prayer. You can also create a sweet zen rock, and in our social section, you’ll find all kinds of similar games and activities. From the annual photo both to henna tattoos (these are usually for girls unless you’re like me and want to break gender stereotypes like a boss) and last year’s infamous dunk booth (at which I may or may not be making another appearance), there is plenty here to keep you busy.

Perhaps most interesting about this year’s Wellness Fair (and the Good for U initiative) is GU Talks. Minding the Ted Talks comparison, GU Talks is a similar lecture series involving experts at Gannon. Together, these experts will discuss topics related to wellness in all varieties. This is something new for our campus, and if you ask this writer, the most exciting part of this year’s Wellness Fair.

Does the Rec Center scare you the way it scares me? It’s intimidating, I know. But as cheesy as this sounds, the Wellness Fair truly has something for everyone. From organizations who support physical health to proponents of mental and emotional well-being, there’s no reason everyone in attendance can’t walk out of this event having learned something new and important about themselves. And don’t forget — yours truly will be providing caricatures at the Edge table. I suppose I’m what you’d call an “untrained professional.”