Whether you’re just beginning to look for colleges or you’re trying to make your final decision, a visit can be one of the most informative things you can do. What better way to spend a visit than on a tour of campus! Meet some of the tour guides you might have on your visit to Gannon:

MarissaName: Marissa Caroniti

Major: Physician Assistant

Hometown: Broadview Heights, Ohio

Favorite thing about GU: The friendships that I’ve made here.

Random fact: I love to travel.



Name: Amber Costello

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Erie, PA!!!!

Favorite thing about GU: The size: not too big, not too small.

Random fact: I’m allergic to shrimp.



Name:  Matt Kridel

Major:  Psychology

Hometown: Wooster, OH

Favorite thing about GU: The enormous number of opportunities students have to get involved!
Random fact: I had a tooth removed near the back of the roof of my mouth.



Name:  Gadagbui Kormlah Michael

Major:  Accounting and Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Favorite thing about GU: I think of the Gannon community as a unique family!

Random fact: My middle name means Tuesday, [so everyone calls me] Tuesday.



Name: Danielle Ward

Major: Business Administration Major

Hometown: Midland, Pennsylvania

Favorite thing about GU: Small class size

Random Fact: I hate red Jell-O.