How many of you have ever been to the symphony? I recently saw the Erie Philharmonic Symphony. Being my first ever symphony the initial shock of spending almost two hours listening to various classical compositions was  life altering. The Philharmonic Symphony lived up to their reputation, the concert was beautifully put together and showcased an array of talent. Being a part of such an event was memorable, especially since it was my first symphony. The symphonic series that was being showcased was The “Organ” Symphony with guest appearance from opera singers Claudia Rosenthal, Brian Vu, and Slippery Rock University Concert Choir. The concert was truly unforgettable and will forever be life changing.

The overall goal of the performance in my opinion was to enrich the Erie community through music. The Philharmonic Orchestra provides many programs for the Erie community to promote music for young adults through the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra and free performances for elementary school students. For me, the performance reminded me of ballet and the type of music that I would listen to as I performed. Since ballet was such an impactful experience all the way up to my early adulthood, listening to the orchestra I felt nostalgic. The elegance of the people reflected the atmosphere of the concert in a way that made me feel almost comfortable, which added to my feeling of nostalgia.

The instrumentation seemed to enhance the style of music, at one point the orchestra began playing Dona Nobis Pacem and I realized that I had heard it before when I was a choir member in High School. Hearing a live symphony play Dona Nobis Pacem and having professionals sing was fantastic. Seeing the difference of my little High School choir attempt to sing Dona Nobis Pacem versus seeing it sung by professionals was enlightening. As the concert progressed the music seemed to mesh together to create an eerie style and tone. The orchestra’s symphonic series performance was a success. Their passion and evident love for the music made the show successful. The end of the symphony was the strongest component and really brought the show full circle. The end piece, Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 78 “Organ”, shifted the atmosphere to a dark and simplistic melody. The organ added to this dark tone that captured the audience’s attention, which in turn made us more aware of the style and harmony of the music. The Philharmonic Symphony has truly brought a touch of culture to the Erie community… and my Gannon experience!