The purpose of doing the Greek Spotlight Series is to show all of the positive aspects of the sororities and fraternities here on Gannon’s campus. With so many fantastic young men and women, there are a lot of people to talk about.

This week we meet Julia DiSalle! Julia is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta’s Zeta Gamma chapter here at Gannon University. She is currently a junior, studying to be a physician’s assistant with a minor in biology, and has been in Alpha Gamma Delta since the spring of 2017.

Since joining Alpha Gamma Delta, Julia has gotten involved with her chapter. Last year she held her first executive board position as vice president of philanthropy. The current position she holds is president of her chapter.

When asked about how being involved with Alpha Gamma Delta has helped her grow, Julia said, “I feel that I have grown as a woman tremendously throughout my time in Alpha Gamma Delta. Strengthening bonds and creating life-long friendships with girls I never would have met without joining this fraternity. My leadership skills have also developed as I have taken on many positions in the fraternity that involved being a leader. The opportunities have been endless and I can’t wait to see what the future holds throughout the next year and a half.”

Julia also felt comfortable opening up about how her sorority’s love and support has helped her through hard times while at Gannon, saying, “Everyone goes through tough times while in college, whether it be a stressful week or losing a love. These are life challenges that have happened to me, and through it all, my sisters have been there to comfort and support me in those times of need. Without them, I might have had to face some of these challenges alone, but instead their endless support allows me to get through the tough times. This chapter has helped me grow as a person to better myself and those around me.”

Julia also told us about some of the amazing things her sorority has recently done. “Alpha Gamma Delta achieved awards including the Diamond Academic Honors Society, which showcases our chapter’s 3.5+ cumulative GPA. This past fall we also won the Homecoming Dance with the members of Tau Kappa Epsilon (a fraternity on Gannon’s campus), and one of our very own, Liz Duer, won Homecoming Queen.”

Thank you so much for telling me all about you and Alpha Gamma Delta, Julia! Be sure to check back in two weeks, on Friday, February 8th, for another article highlighting an amazing fraternity on campus!